Ventaire Vintage AOP Provence Olive Oil

Traditional black fruity

  • 25cl
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  • 75cl

15,64 € tax incl.

62,56 € per L

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With a lingering taste that goes well with garlic,
this oil is perfect for typical mediterranean dishes (ratatouille, aïoli, anchoïade...).
It goes very well too with sea food like shell sh or fried tuna.

Origin : Domaine Salvator - 04190 Les Mées - France

Conservation TipsStore away from light and heat.
Capacity25cl, 50cl ou 75cl
Olive oilFruity, Black
Gourmet ProductsOlives Oil


Traditional virgin olive oil black fruity.
Olive oils exclusively produced from the olive orchards of Salvator Estate.
The olives are turned into oil on the spot, on the very day of the picking.

Nutrition Facts:

Energy: 3768 kJ / 900 kcal - Total fat : 100g, of which satured fat : 15g - Carbohydrates : 0g, of which sugars : 0g - Proteins : 0g - Salt : 0g