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This liqueur is the result of a slow maceration and distillation of thyme sprigs into alcohol.

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Pastis is a French alcohol, well known is the south of France, made up with 65 plants.

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Infused Olive Oil - 5cl

SKU: 3760187510828
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This organic olive oil has neither pungency nor bitterness. It is very sweet with a strong typical taste of black olives obtained thanks to ancestral methods. This traditional taste is in great demand.

SKU: 3760187510811
Brand: N/A

Oil Paradis - Green fruity with powerful aromas - AOC Provence.

The Bouteillan olive oil is characterized by very fruity, powerful, smelling of grass aromas.
Its powerful smell offers balanced fragrances.
The specialists find pear and apple aromas, a light taste of banana and exotic fruit.

SKU: 3760187510804
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Oil Mistral - a prestige, ultra-selective production - AOP Haute Provence

This fruity olive oil with its powerful aromas will flavour your fat fish-based dishes or meat thanks to its very vegetable fragrance.

SKU: 3760187510958
Brand: N/A

Traditional black fruity

Brand: N/A

Huile d'Olive Infusée - 5cl

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